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A body shot is a sexual way of doing shots of tequila. Your lime is held in your partner's mouth and the salt put on a body part (stomach, neck, breasts, etc) You lick the salt off of them, take your shot and then eat the lime out of their mouth.
After about 10 Coors Lights she was ready to do body shots.
by your mom March 16, 2005
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1) tequila shot off a person's body
2) hits to the body in boxing, mma, or any activity where 2 guys are engaged in beating each other up and pretending it's a sport
3) hits to the body by live ammunition, the type of hits a vest or armor is used to protect the torso from
1) they did body shots off Carmina stomach
2) Tommy was getting rocked with body shots and got worn out early in the fight
3) officer Jones was glad he wore a vest to look for the fugitive, it's bad enough he had to worry about head shots
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot July 31, 2016
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Body or belly shots can break the ice quite quickly in a bar or at a party. The most common shot is tequila because this involves licking some salt off the holder of the shot first and then taking the lime wedge from this persons mouth afterwards. Any shot will do, however. The key to this type of shot is that there are two consenting adults involved.

For Males
Female places shot between her breasts or lies on the bar and places it in her navel.

For Females
Male places shot in the top of his pants or lies on the bar and places it in his navel.
Brenda did body shots off Chad all night, then they fucked.
by sammer July 12, 2005
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In the video game Team Fortress 2, a bodyshot is when a sniper takes out an enemy with a fully charged shot to the body rather than the head. It's generally used in a derogatory way, as this is frowned upon by many players.
"That noob is bodyshotting everyone!"
"Man, I hate bodyshots."
by Unexpected128 December 08, 2011
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To engage in a friendly fist fight where the hits are take below the head and above the waist. Usually lasts a short time.
"Hey Juan, wanna go bodyshots?"

"Isaiah went bodyshotting with Chris last night, nothing more then bruises on them."
by Chris's_Zen May 25, 2013
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To fight another person "friendly", bodyshots is always below the head and above the waist. It is good to do when you want to fight someone but not get into a real fight.
"Jimmy we should play bodyshots man, I would totally own you!"
by Jacquez March 18, 2008
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A powerful punch, usually a hook or uppercut, delivered to the body in any combat sport. Often used to open up defenses and set up head shots. Power punches to the liver area are also intensely painful, and capable of knocking an opponent down or even ending the fight.
Mike Tyson punched so hard, he probably could have won fights with body shots alone.

Bas Rutten throws an infamous liver/body shot, that has put many an opponent down.
by TehGuy0012 July 19, 2010
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