something that someone says when they wanna die u feel
hey u guys i cant believe that just happened please kill me
by suspiciousleaf August 6, 2017
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A feeling that has yet to be expressed or defined properly in the English language, the closest definition being that one wants to die but is so obscenely done with the world that they see no reason to do it themselves and would much rather have someone else end this current state of shitty existence for them.
Person: existing
Person: “fuck, just please kill me, I can’t do any of this anymore.”
by JustFknDone September 14, 2018
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This word is what you say when you are either really depressed, trying to be emo, or actually want to die. The main people who say this have never been laid, just broke up, or are in true pain and agony. It is also a common phrase when there is a test and you didn't study. It is also usually said by the same guy that says We had homework?
Dude 1: Did you study for the test today?
Dude 2: What test?
Dude 1: Are you a cumberbatch only the test we were preparing for 3 weeks

Dude 2: please kill me
by Mr. Soviet Stapler March 27, 2018
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Said by the Spy in the 2007 game Team Fortress 2, This is one of many lines such as "Off to visit your mother!"
Red Spy: Please, Kill me

Blu Solider: No, Talk
by Please, Kill me September 20, 2021
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Something you say when you're depressed.
You aren't suicidal but you wish that you were because then maybe people would notice the pain you're confronted with daily. If you are suicidal, call 1-800-273-8255 it's going to be okay.
John: God please kill me
God: You don't mean that haha
John: I know but I could really use a hug right now
by sereklsj March 11, 2022
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When you hear something around and look it up and the definition is extremely creepy and/ or illegal.
Random guy: have you heard of Loli?
Other guy: *looks it up* oh my fucking god please fucking kill me.
by Death boi January 20, 2019
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When you reached the deepest parts of the abyss, misery, darkness, and suffering that you start begging god to just end it all.
Brother: I came inside you, your egg is fertillized with my cursed Genes.
Sister: Oh god please just kill me
by Gibe Da Pussi B0ss April 1, 2016
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