One of two "hardest" counties in the state of MD(maryland). Richest Black County in the United States.
I'm from P.G, nicca respect it.
by vo January 13, 2004
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some rich black areas, other than that mostly ghetto and full of drugs and crime, largest black county people wise and percentage wise in america,known for police brutality
takoma park, hyatsville,college park,greenbelt,langley park,laurel.....
by jamal July 17, 2004
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stands for, "Pass Gas" ;to have farted.
Person 1: "Hey did you just P.G.?"

Person 2: "What? No."

Person 1: "Ok weird, I totally thought you passed gas."
by skeletalboss June 18, 2009
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Also known as a Post Graduate. Someone who takes another Senior year, usually at another high school.

Types of "PGs":
"Talented athlete"-whom is taking an extra year so that they can get a full athletic scholarship from their #1 college pick; spends time taking easy classes and partying/chilling all senior year.
"Extremely smart foreign student"-whom is trying to make it in America and is most likey going to an ivy; spends time in their room all day and night studying.
"Didn't know what else to do"-Since they didn't get recruited for a sport and didn't have the grades to get into a college, they decided to try it over again. But they will fail again and will end up going to a shitty community college. Spends time thinking they are hot shit and trying to hook up with little freshman.
"Damn that PG is an amazing athlete!"
by lyla May 02, 2005
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A word/phrase used to describe a person who speaks or acts in content suitable for a pg movie.
ex1: You are so PG
ex2: Friend one (making out with boyfriend) , Friend two "You guys are so GROSS!", Friend one says: " dude, you are so PG"
by CGsquared March 11, 2010
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