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Pade is a hashtag that Tracy is obsessed with. Pade is also a ship. The ship couple is Cade and Pauline. Both Cade and Pauline (Pade) agree with this ship because they are TOTALLY in love. Tracy wishes Pade a happy life and beautiful babies if that makes sense lol Oh and Amy says hi
Pauline and Cade
A OTP = One True Pairing
by Kimberly Nguyen October 3, 2013
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Pade meaning Slut, Skank, Skeet, Hoe, Hoe bag. Usually someone who sleeps around with many men, and therefore can have MANY std's
Jeffs ex girlfriend is such a pade now after they broke up.
by Kevin and Chelsey July 24, 2006
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Super sexy lady with Great tits and strong shapely legs. Very inticing and draws partners to her with her wit and charm.
Hey, that is Padee over there and God I want her so bad...
by passionman February 3, 2010
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it's when you shit on some plastic wrap pull it tight then slap someone in the face with it
Dude what happened Alex just came around the corner and i-paded me
by berwickboy09 October 27, 2011
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A annoying but a man a claudia will fall in love with he is funny and imitated Ronaldo
That person is dating a Claudia that must be a padelis
by Padelis January 30, 2018
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An emerging rap group out of Wilmington, DE. The struggle endured by its members is personified by featured artist, Young Yusie, as he pushes his powerful lyrics in a unique manner. Beats are supplied by ThaHashBrown.
"Damn, you hear that new PaDe Records joint"
by RapeGame March 4, 2009
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