The Apex is your true self, a spiritual creature living within a physical vessel, which is the human body at this time. All of Existence was created by the Origin Apex, which split to allow intelligent life to spark through the presence of individual Apex, which is also known as the human soul or spirit.
I have unlocked, and now I am able to live consciously as an Apex and do things I never imagined were possible.
by TFizzunk January 11, 2021
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Someone engaging in skank whore festivities that may involve ✂️ ✂️
Wanna play some apex in the back of a truck bed?
by apex player 1 July 3, 2022
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Located in North Carolina; home of the Cougars, the Cougar Crazies, & Bojangles. The high school hosts mostly rednecks,jocks, stoners, & hot cheerleaders but with some miscellaneous bmw/mercedes drivers because of it's close border with Cary. The guys are mostly jerks with the ultimate goal of trying to sleep with every hot girl (with the exception of a few actually chill guys) and the girls know how to have fun and party hard. This is not to be TOO confused with freak. Also, it's the "Peak of Good Living."
Apex has too many field parties.

Only Apex can reach The Peak.
by Bazzle March 7, 2005
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The act of aggressively pursuing one of the preferred sex. In the same way that an apex predator will viciously stalk and attack its prey. Often times without the target being aware.
John: "Did you see the way Maria was all over Mike last night?!"
Fred: "Yeah! I felt like she came out of no-where, and she had him the whole night!"
John: "She definitely apexed him."

Aaron: "Hey man did you see that smoking hot girl walk in!"
Bill: "Yeah! She is so fine!"
Aaron: "Im gonna apex that chick!"
by jjeegg February 11, 2014
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(Justin) Wanna land fragment?
(Joe) yeah bro send streamer building
by Anonymous6745 July 16, 2022
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The most ruthless Sudanese gang in Melbourne, they don't give a fuck they've done many armed robberies and burglaries. The notorious apex gang is always on the news and is only in Melbournes southeast streets
White girl: i see a dozen black teens on the street
White boy: run darling that's APEX
by dirty cunt69 August 19, 2016
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Apex a town in north carolina that sucks its as bad as it can possibly be and filled with a bunch of hicks that eat bojangles all day
i cant wait until i get the hell out of apex so i can move back to newyork were it doesnt blow and actually has things to do
by Ny 4 life October 8, 2007
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