One who acts like a pussy ass bitch at any occasion

To be too scared to go on rides at the theme park even when your girlfriend goes on them
Cheffo is a PAB

Go on the ride you PAB
by Sunnycoasters February 10, 2019
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Short for "punk ass bitch" to be used in the workplace when such profanities are not allowed. Can easily be disguised as "pal" if someone asks what you said. In some cultures, it can stand for "pussy ass bitch"
Carland from accounting is such a PAB, I bet he tosses salads in his spare time.
by HC Green December 1, 2004
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PAB stands for Pussy Assed Bitch. Slang, often used for a person who is a complete pussy, wimp, or complainer; 1. One who crys constantly about something unimportant and ruins the experience for others. 2. One who wimps out and proves to be unreliable and quite Vagina-like.
Also may be used in the form: Pabbing
Person 1: "Hey guys, did you hear about Jake? He complained about us going out tonight instead of watching a chick flick."

Person 2: "Yeah, and now he said he's hanging out with his girlfriend instead of driving us."

Person 1: "Wow, what a PAB."

Person 2: "He's pabbing out like a whipped sissyboy!"
by BorSlayer April 8, 2010
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Any person who can best be defined as a Pussy Ass Bitch. Its that guy in high school who runs his mouth because he knows you cant hit him without being suspended. It is that police officer who acts tough because she has a badge pinned to her uniform. It is that teacher who hides behind big words but really lacks any real knowledge or understanding. If you have never encountered a PAB, you are either extremely lucky or a PAB yourself.
Person 1: Do you remember that guy in high school who wore sleeveless shirts every day and always talked a lot of shit?

Person 2: The guy who you wanted to kick the shit out of but couldnt because he would run and cry to the principal if you did?

Person 1: Yeah. What a PAB.
by BearJuda January 9, 2012
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