Acronym for plow a bitch. This "bitch" is just someone you have no feelings for other than to just 'plow' her.
Jim: I've known Carol for a while now, but I have no feelings for her, so I P.A.B. (plowed a bitch).

Hank: I wish i could P.A.B.
by holdmaaadick January 06, 2012
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Pop A Boner. Used commonly among phresh floridian koolkats who want to tell their broskii's that they have a "stiffy" and nobody should look at their genitals at the moment. Also can be used in reference to a smokin hot babe.
KoolKat1: Did you see that girl? So fineee,I just P.A.B.'d.
KoolKat2: I really didn't need to know that.


Kid: She makes me want to P.A.B.
by Marz Barzz March 13, 2010
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An acronym for the phrase 'Punk Ass Bitch'. Used to describe someone who is acting like a bitch, only worse.
Dylan: "JC's been pissing me off lately, he's such a buzzkill."
Pat: "I know, he's a PAB."

Passenger in car: "Dude, that dickhead just cut you off and crossed into the other lane!"
Driver: "FUCKING PAB!"
by jploedd December 07, 2011
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a PAB is a pussy ass bitch, also known as a severely whipped male. His girlfriend has him so pussy whipped that he cannot even play xbox360 without her permission.
DAMN, tyler is a pab major.

he's so whipped it hurts me!
by Hilda Sorky June 14, 2008
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