''p word'' got popularize in da beginning of 2018 when famous utuber ksi called out 2 other famous utuber jake nd logan paul for boxing fight after his insane win over joe weller nd then jake paul respond to that in a very pussious way, to do a mma match rather than a boxing match but he was basically scared of ksi and try to get out of da situation but he was making lotta vids bout it just to get views then ksi's lil brother came in the story nd call jake a pussy to which jake paul respond in his vid nd he was saying pussy a 'p word' cause his audience is full of retarded small kids nd he cant say pussy in his vids. So many people found it hella funny nd start saying ''p word'' rather than saying pussy but every time someone use it they directly referring ''p word'' to jake paul (for obvious reasons), it is mostly used by famous utuber keemstar (he also found a dead dolla in da woods) to make fun of jake paul.
a person in keemstar's live stream chat: hey keemstar r u gonna fight kavos.
keemstar : no, kavos is a p word
by alienated69 May 15, 2018
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Having Sex With A Women or referring to the women's vagina
Corey got some sloppy P-Word last night.
This college is full of hot P-Word.
by wcarlton December 05, 2008
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Any claim that can be expressed as negative, thanks to the rule of double negation. This rule states that any proposition P is logically equivalent to not-not-P. Prove P is true and you can prove P is not false.

1. If Unicorns had existed, then there is evidence in the fossil record.
2. There is no existence of Unicorns in the fossil record.
3. Therefore, Unicorns never existed.

Example 2:
Jason: 'Hey, did you that Danish and Deriana are dating?'
Ashley: 'how do you know?'
Jason 'Sam told me'
Ashley: 'I don't think so, those two are pranksters. They play mind games and talk shit all the time and no one has actually seen them together. They're cyber bullies that have nothing better to do with their life plus they're both committed to other people, they're just cyber friends'.
Jason: 'IDK
Ashley: 'C'mon, don't be a pussy like Sam and believe everything you hear or read, if you can't prove it, don't presume it'.
Why is it that people insist that you can't prove a negative? I believe it is the result of two things.
1. Disappointment that induction is not bullet proof, airtight and infallible.
2. A desperate desire to keep believing whatever one believes even if all the evidence is against it and not being able to prove that the P-Word is proven to be true.
by practical proposition December 18, 2017
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