random person : you can tell she got that wap the way she walk🤣
by jaydawayda_ August 11, 2020
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yea you wap
by gwendie September 15, 2020
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wap stands for "wet ass pussy" referencing the song "wap" by cardi b and megan thee stallion
you know i got that wap (:<
by andrewbensly October 26, 2020
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Me in the car: *singing wap*
My mom: What does wap mean?
me: uhhhhh worship and prayer?
my mom: tweeting to her church group lets all WAP!!
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wet ass pussy
waffles and pancakes
words are powerful
whale ate person
wagons are pointless
warm apple pie
wool and paper
watering a petunia
what a picture
waiting around people
warming a pizza
dad: hey what does wap stand for?
kid: uhh... waffles and pancakes, why?
dad: no reason just wondering
kid: *sees dad's updated status*

kid: oh shiiiit *slaps forehead*
by Xx_.roach0502 _XX. September 13, 2020
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actually wop - derogatory term for a person of italian descent. WOP is an acronym for 'with out papers', referring to the hordes of immigrants (italian or otherwise) that flooded New York City in the early 1900's before immigration policies were instituted.
1. That wap stole my pizza
2. Damn wap's comin' straight off the boat! "DER TOOK'ER JERBS!"
by emptyfox April 3, 2008
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Derogatory term for persons of Italian decent.
All the waps are in the mob.
by krazykritter July 14, 2005
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