random person : you can tell she got that wap the way she walk🤣
by jaydawayda_ August 11, 2020
Me in the car: *singing wap*
My mom: What does wap mean?
me: uhhhhh worship and prayer?
my mom: tweeting to her church group lets all WAP!!
yea you wap
by gwendie September 15, 2020
wap stands for "wet ass pussy" referencing the song "wap" by cardi b and megan thee stallion
you know i got that wap (:<
by andrewbensly October 26, 2020
wet ass pussy
waffles and pancakes
words are powerful
whale ate person
wagons are pointless
warm apple pie
wool and paper
watering a petunia
what a picture
waiting around people
warming a pizza
dad: hey what does wap stand for?
kid: uhh... waffles and pancakes, why?
dad: no reason just wondering
kid: *sees dad's updated status*

kid: oh shiiiit *slaps forehead*
by Xx_.roach0502 _XX. September 13, 2020
A gun.Typically a flock or pistol used by roadmen
Bro I pulled out the wap and the opps dashed
by Plyin January 16, 2022