I just put my keemstar outside on my grass where it belongs
by swagmaster800e March 29, 2016
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1. a puerile polemicist; self-proclaimed internet celebrity and renowned bullshit artist; possibly the real life inspiration for the Scumbag Steve meme; one who is fond of leading circlejerks; hypocrite

2. any successful, middle-aged person who, upon experiencing midlife crisis, reverts to wearing fitted caps and basketball jerseys whilst getting stoned and playing video games with his friends
"Do you and Dan still collaborate on anything?"
"No, not since he went and keemstarred during our last project."

"I don't blame her for divorcing him, he wouldn't stop keemstarring in front of the kids!"
by wordswithworks September 25, 2013
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The psychopathic hypocrite that thinks he's doing the world a favor by reporting "NEWS" about the website you tube. He has threatened to DOX people and even made death threats that are total bullshit.
Jim: Do you know that guy keemstar?
David: oh yeah the guy that told everyone to type in chat that Alex is a stupid nigger?
Jim: That's the guy!
by KeemstarTheMemestar June 15, 2016
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A man who calls people n*gger and is a bald gnome
A keemstar quote "this stupid fuck bitch all righteous fucking N*GGER alex is doing this shit"
by dj kill meme star October 25, 2016
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1. A cancerous lump that causes many headaches.
2. A gnome.
3. A sociopath
1. Leafy had a case of keemstar.
2. Brenda add a keemstar to her garden.
3. Hey, that guy who makes drama alert videos sure is a keemstar
by Keemy Cancer June 30, 2016
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A sad, fat man, with no life who's ready to die of a popcorn overdose. He also seeks to ruin the lives of innocent people in order to gain fame and money.
Man: "Hey dude wtf why'd you key my car?!"
Dude: "Because, I'm a Keemstar!"
by GradeBUnderB July 7, 2016
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the guy who had his hands up on blogtv and called Alex a nigger.
by YourOrdinaryVirgin December 16, 2016
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