An emoticon, similar to OwO, but meant to symbolize a birb's beak.
"My birb is the cutest thing, his face always looks like OvO!"
by 1nteL September 30, 2018
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We put some FroPo in the OvO with some PoMo no HoMo
by Chikery March 25, 2012
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October's Very Own
Said in Drake's song, Crew Love
That OVO and that XO is everything you believe in.

Drake- Crew Love(8)
by umauma December 6, 2011
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Slang for testicles in Brazil, literally means eggs.
Acha que as garotas gostam de caras com os ovos grandes?
Do you think women like guys with big eggs?

Guy 1- O cara bateu com os ovos no ferro!
Guy 2- Coitado fez ovos mexidos!
Guy 1-That guy hit his eggs on the rail!
Guy 2- Poor guy scrambled his eggs!
by LuisMS July 28, 2023
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hu hu
Hu: hey guys
Everyone: (OvO)
by (OvO) January 13, 2011
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Drake's recording label. It also known as Octobers Very Own as Drake was born on October 24. The label has signed many artists including PARTYNEXTDOOR, Popcaan, ILoveMakonnen and Roy Woods. It is also a clothing brand having 11 stores.
You here about Drake signing a new artist to OVO?
Really?! They signed another one?!
by J$P1C7 December 14, 2021
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