October's Very Own
Said in Drake's song, Crew Love
That OVO and that XO is everything you believe in.

Drake- Crew Love(8)
by umauma December 6, 2011
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An emoticon, similar to OwO, but meant to symbolize a birb's beak.
"My birb is the cutest thing, his face always looks like OvO!"
by 1nteL September 29, 2018
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hu hu
Hu: hey guys
Everyone: (OvO)
by (OvO) January 12, 2011
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We put some FroPo in the OvO with some PoMo no HoMo
by Chikery March 25, 2012
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Drake fans. OVO Goons are extremely loyal to Drake and bump all the music he puts out. If you dislike Drake they will list his multiple accolades to you while wearing their OVO hoodie. They also will often have an owl in their Instagram bio
Ben: Aye man Drake sucks

Ethan: Bro you're wrong, he is a legend, top 3 all time

Ben: ugh you must be part of the OVO Goons
by Bathing Grape August 7, 2019
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A vegetarian who eats eggs. Even those who become vegetarians for moral reasons can eat eggs, because those sold as food are not fertilised and can thus never develop into birds.
Alice: Can I get some egg salad over here?
Bob: Egg salad? I thought you were a vegetarian.
Alice: I'm an ovo-vegetarian, actually.
by Darth Ridley April 27, 2007
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