Canadian Capital city where you can get some good Duck Confit.
Ottawa is brill and has some cute snotty lux poons who need a good emeriling, good times.
by hydroponics May 27, 2003
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a small town in illinois, also known as death city because of the radium dial factory which deposited radioactive waste in different areas of the city, these areas are now refered to as hot spots.
Boy: where are you from?
Girl: no... Illinois eh?
by elizibeth venison November 02, 2005
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A city that lacks a hockey team worth mentioning, unlike Toronto.
It's too bad we don't live in Toronto instead of Ottawa. Then we would have a real hockey team.
by unbiased individual October 23, 2005
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A place full of fucking pride parades, lesbians, and enough 15 year old feminists to enhabit mars. Please somebody make gay marriage illegal. Our schools have fucking unisex bathrooms, which probably cost good money that they could have spent on - Oh I don't know, COMPUTERS THAT AREN'T FROM 2005?

Nothing to do, unless you want to sit back and watch canada be slowly destroyed. Some day maybe people will realize that a sandpaper dildo is being slowly pushed into our asses by the liberal government. Please don't come here on vacation. We don't want more whiny little pricks. Parlement hill is already full of them.
Helen: "Hey George, do you want to go on a vacation to Ottawa?"

George: "No Helen, I don't want to loose 50 IQ points and be yelled at by 15 year old girls from high school because I called someone retarded"
by I HATE MY COUNTRY February 16, 2018
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