British slang for "Brilliant," equivalent of American "cool."
That was bloody brill!
by MoonKnight December 1, 2002
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british slang short for brilliant, meaning wicked, well cool, proper good innit.
That was brill, we should do it again.
by Lexy W February 22, 2007
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short for "brilliant". supposedly a part of british informal language, but in reality only used by ian mcculloch, the lead singer of echo and the bunnymen.
q: how many shows did you do in japan?
ian: five. they were all brill.
by purrrrrrrrr February 28, 2023
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A rather old saying that used to be used in the UK.

A more up-to-date saying might be insane, groovy or happening.
'I say, that was brill! Shall we go again?'
by George Gnutter October 28, 2006
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Friend 1: Dude you are such a liar.

Friend 2: Brill!
by ur a tw@ December 23, 2011
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Combining the words "bro" and "chill" yields "brill." Usually an adjective describing objects, ideas, or entities that have the unusual property of being both chill and bro-friendly. Also used as other parts of speech. (See below.)
1. adj. "Actually this moderately expensive beer is surprisingly brill."
2. adj. "Is it just me or does Slightly Stoopid have its occasional moments of sheer brillness but is otherwise just gay?
3. v. "Are you brilling me, bro?" (archaic)
by bohemiandonut August 14, 2009
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Short for brilliant, much like totes
Dude, that guy from Harvard is brills.
by viva2thediva November 26, 2004
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