to be thought of as cool/"hard", often used to describe someone with a lot of connections and with great reputation.
"I'm not going to mess with him because he's lux!"
by cosine November 15, 2005
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lux is a extremely funny , supportive and overworking guy he can help you with anything and who ever goes out with him will get spoiled like no tomorrow she is so hot that you'll pass out just by looking at him and he is so kind and sweet I've never met anyone else like him and he is a extremely nice person. He is very sweet and supportive. He is a very good kisser and knows how to make a girl blush. He is a extremely good story teller and very imaginative. Not to motion how fucking hot he is. He can probably get any girl he wants. And he has a fucking sexy body and a sexy voice An amazing guy with the best smile & the cutest laugh. Lenny will make you love him forever, don't ever take him for granted. He's perfect.
girl 1 : i really need a guy

girl 2 : well look over there

girl 1 : he might be the one

girl 2 : that's because he is a lux
by miss-honey- September 2, 2018
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sick ass bongs, made by the same people as ROOR.
yo lets go rip that lux
by dgfphodfb October 27, 2007
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I pulled up in my lux ride with a bitch at my side.
by luxy March 9, 2003
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