Short for luxurious or delux. Used to describe something that is luxurious, delux or very impressive.
"Man your house is lux, I wish I lived here"

"These leather seats are lux"

"Dawg you ridin' on some lux rims"

"The burger was so lux, it had the lot"
by kperpy July 26, 2007
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to be thought of as cool/"hard", often used to describe someone with a lot of connections and with great reputation.
"I'm not going to mess with him because he's lux!"
by cosine November 14, 2005
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An amazing girl usually blonde or brunette
that is different from most girls. She has
her own opinions and most girls around her
are jealous because of her beauty and creativity.
The guys fall for her instantly and want to
be with her. Lux is easily spotted anywhere
and people recognize her by her long,
gorgeous hair. Anyone would love to be around
a Lux because she has an adorable contagious
laugh and she is always in a good mood.
Anytime she's near, you'll be forced to
Guy 1- "Did you just hear that adorable laugh?"
Guy 2- "Yeah, that was Lux."
by Juicy Couture. March 02, 2009
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Unbridled light magic trapped in the body of a younger sister of the Crownguard family. Perfect for someone born into a nation that absolutely hates magic. Her main goal in life is to explore the world beyond Demacian territory.

In League of Legends, don't be hit by her Q unless you want to be turned into crispy chicken by her ultimate, or ash if she's completed her build.
"Stay positive!" - Lux, whilst her ADC is AFK after feeding first blood.
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by Hardstuck Internet October 21, 2018
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