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A term used to describe the blackest man alive, it is often used in a positive connotation, used in describing someone with three male genitalia, dark skin, an eight pack, large biceps, and a handsome face as the blackest man alive or an 'OG' this individual is often known for his excellence with women or men, depending on his/her interests
Man 1: Now that guy is an Ose
Man 2: don't make me hit you
by Machomaney June 14, 2016
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Loosely translates to Blackest Man Alive tend to have numerous genitalia, Human Hershey Bars below their pectorals, BBC's and diamonds for teeth. They are very successful at obtaining digits rehardless of their sexual orientation.
Ladies, getting yourself an Ose is like polygamy, but it's not
by Machomaney October 31, 2017
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