An oscillator is an HFOV.
2. An oscillator is a medical device used in the hospital when a conventional ventilator isn't working, and/or the patient's lungs are to fragile to tollerate opening, and closing. It shoots several hundred breaths per minute into the patient's lungs at very small puffs, so the lungs can rest, and they don't have to open and close, and while they are resting, the patient is still being ventilated.
1. Is he on his oscillator?
2. Yes.
3. He's on the Sensormedics 3100A Oscillator.
4. All right.
by 1992peter February 14, 2010
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When your trying to decide between different options... Kind of like an oscillating fan going back and forth, back and forth...
Tomorrow, maybe we can go to home depot or maybe bed bath beyond... I don't know yet, I'm still oscillating...
by Linda H November 4, 2007
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a substitute for the word awesome. Used out of necessity when the elderly and reality television stars were taking all of our affirmative adjectives.
'did you see how sam and liss beat up those elephants?'
'hell yeah, it was the most oscillating thing i've ever seen happen in a zoo!'
by Liss December 17, 2004
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Has many uses, best described through example, though could be used as a substitute for words like 'go', 'fuck', 'look round', 'move'
"you wanna go somewhere else??"
"yeah sure, we should probably oscillate to BurgerKing for some oscillate fries... oh yes hmmmmmm"
by the oscillator- Gracey April 5, 2005
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To have sexual intercourse with an ocelot or to be impregnated by an ocelot. (Homosexual Sex) with an Ocelot also applies)
That was the best time I’ve had while I oscillate in a long time!!!
by Jimmychonga April 1, 2019
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