Receptive - often used with regards to being receptive to music and other types of performance
The first act got the crowd open for the headliners
by Jar3tt March 28, 2008
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To blaze or to perform outstandingly in a competition or task.
Did you see Bolt in the Olympics. The guy opened bra
by ackimnanine July 03, 2011
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To be intoxicated on marijuana , or someone who has no sense of what their actions are about; either making dumb comments or being ephiphany of studipidy
Man Toni you are open right now, take a chill pill homie.
by Calvin Secrest November 09, 2007
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the opposite of shut
my my, those are a nice pair of legs...what time do they opem!?

by fran xox August 09, 2004
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