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A misspelling of the. Used by people who incorrectly believe themselves to be cool.
"I am THA WILD." -- Omega Death
by Bleh May 25, 2004
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Yorkshire dialect of the English language.
The "a" can be extended to mean "your"
Tha dunt gerrit, does tha? (You don't get it, do you?)

Does tha noh? (Do you know?)

If ever tha does owt for nowt, allus dit for thi'sen. (If ever you do anything for nothing, always do it for yourself.)

What's tha name? (What's your name?)

It's tha's (it's yours)
by Rolfey June 29, 2006
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Freakin stupid way of spelling 'the' since it sounds exactly the same.
Wigger: You are tha dopest girl
Girl: stfu
by J. Tel December 06, 2003
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Zarloffian god of random creativity and fits of drunken violence. THA is believed to have sprouted forth from the loins of an assortment of hobos from New York to Bangladesh. THA is believed to have slewn the ice dragon, Kapplekorn the Sort-of Confused, but it was only a rusted tree stump; and owns and shield made from dry, flattened feces he recieved as sacrifices from his disciples in Detroit. The Zarloffians believe that the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius was THA defecating a defecation of monolithic proportions that he'd apparently been holding for centuries.
THA will grind you to dust with his iron lymph nodes...bitch. Then drunkenly whore about the town square...
by The collective of Zarloff December 17, 2007
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