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An overwhelming feeling of giddiness due to a cute situation.

Usually results in a high-pitched voice, giggling, and the inability to stop smiling.
Watching the old couple hold hands made Felicia ooglie all day.
by Mirandanator August 07, 2009
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That feeling in your stomach when you can't decide if you're about to puke or shit your pants.
"Get outta the bathroom, that street meat got me ooglie as all fuckin' hell!"
by I Am The Axe October 03, 2011
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when someone uglier than ugly. So ooglie that you have to put an emphasis on the 'u'.
Matt: Oh my god, bruh she tryna hook up wit' me!
James: WHO, fam?!
Matt: Samantha!
James: Ewww! She mad ooglie.
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by CrimsonCrypt May 16, 2018
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