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Slang for scared, commnonly used in the southern united states
Don't be skird, it's only me
by BMoney January 28, 2005
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adj. superlative. Really lame, as lame as possible. (coined by Patrick Gibbs)
"Man, that shit sucks."

"Yeah, it's lame-o supreme-o."
by BMoney August 5, 2004
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The only store that has the same person both greeting you when you enter, and then checkin your bags to make sure you didn't steal anything, when you leave.
by BMoney February 1, 2005
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if you've been hit by a cunt, you've been cunted
wow matt just got himself cunted
by BMoney May 6, 2004
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Told when you kick a pregnant woman or a group of pregnant women out of your crib for disrespectin or failure to ask for something nicely
Pregnant woman: "Get in here and get me some water!"

You: "What's the magic word"

Pregnant woman: "Now!"

You: "Don't be disrespectin me up in my house, you know what, forget it -- get the waddlin"
by BMoney January 31, 2005
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Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC for short); owned by General Electric that provides business and consumer based programming covering the stock market, world currency and events that affect the economy. Primarily watched by people with over 90% of their total networth in stock market, who haven't yet come to terms with the notion of diversification.

Also the only network to date, who has been able to do the impossible -- which is combine extremely hot women who also happen to be extremely smart, which is a rarity (ie. Liz Claman, Maria Bartiromo and Bertha Coombs)
Dude, turn it on cnbc, I just bought some AAPL stock yesterday
by BMoney January 31, 2005
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