Phrase: Said to a male (often a stranger) is flirting with a female (usually drunk), asking if he likes the pussy he is talking to.

- Commonly used to cock-block, or break someones game

- Also used during sexual intercourse, and in "Diary of Jane" By Breaking Benjamin
"Douchebag, do you like that?"

"Do you like that pussy"
by Villeblacknyellow November 29, 2010
"Do You Like Waffles?" is a somewhat popular song on the Internet featuring a dancing waffle, a few kids, robots, ghosts, flowers, and dinosaurs. All of them have a smile and are singing/dancing happily to the tune of "Do You Like Waffles?". The main purpose of this song is to annoy whoever happens to be around, because as you can imagine, this isn't really the type of song you would listen to in the background of whatever you are doing. Even so, the song has over 9.5 million hits on Youtube.
Guy 1: Hey, I'm gonna play a song.
Guy 2: Okay.
(Guy 1 puts on "Do You Like Waffles")
(Guy 2 jumps out the window)
by jack123abc4 January 10, 2011
Viral trend caused by Korean drama "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo".

A girl asks her crush if he likes the footballer Lionel Messi, thinking that all boys/men like football and she can snatch his interest.
"Hey, do you like Messi?" - "I like Ronaldo better."
by xMaariiee January 29, 2017
A: It's from the Kdrama Weight lifting Kim Bok Joo And if they like Messi than marry then right there and then😩 {recommend watching the drama}
Ex: Do you like messi? 😏😚😧💕
by arroz seco March 28, 2021
The best pickup line a guy can ever use.
"So, uh, do you like cheese?"
"More than almost any other animal by-product."

-- She's the Man
by doyoulikecheese March 13, 2011
It is an inside joke in the kdrama fandom, particulary the fans of the kdrama - Weightlifing Fairy Kim Bokjoo. If a female wants her crush to pay attention to her or just be interested in her, then she should ask 'Do you like Messi?' to him. Men generally like sports like football, so it would impress them to find a girl sharing similar interests. That's how it is explained in the kdrama.
"Hey Taehoon, Do you like Messi?"
by chuuya` June 20, 2022