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Shes extremely fun, boisterous} and extremely beautiful. she loves having fun and living life to the fullest. she tries to make everyone around her feel happy. shes very good at making people laugh till their sides hurt. she loves and hates passionately and is very sensitive. she doesnt like her emotions being played with but finds great satisfaction in toying with others. she is instantly everyones favourite person, but she sometimes makes enemies on accident. she feels as though she cannot corporate with uptight serious people and at the same time strives for perfection in things shes is passionate about. She falls in love quickly but its only after shes had a conversation or two with the person. she gets hurt very quickly and also has a dark side lurking beneath those innocent features. she is clever but sometimes feels like she just cannot be bothered. she is very dirty and perverted so once again dont trust her innocent eyes and childlike smile.she is sometimes seen as confusing or difficult to understand but once you get to know her it makes even less sense.

In the end knowing her is worth while and when shes a round everything does become sunshine and rainbows with a touch of horror.
"Oneli is sooo silly!"
by poison_apple May 07, 2018
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a loud beautiful girl who usually is crazy but is a party animal. She loves music and is also a CRAZY FANGIRL.
by FeliciaMarie21 June 16, 2016
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A bipolar, frustrated, slut, that seems to be easy for every guy that comes to ask. Here pictures roam everywhere. She is school smart but no life smart, many people begin to like her but then once you get to know her you will hate her. She makes un nessecary comments when you least expect it and she wants attention.
Jimmy asks Brian-"Did you get onelis nudes last night ?"
Brian- "Yeah and so did the rest of the soccer team"
by Athena1013 September 19, 2016
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