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A variation on the ever-popular "Trouser Snake", however the prefix added to insure that there is no doubt to what exactly the person is referring to which is coiled in his pants. That is to say, a penis, especially one of considerable length, doubly so if it's snake-like, and almost most certainly if the possesor of said wang must tuck it in his sock or coil it up. See also- Trouser Snake
"Xavier, a refined gigalo on the streets of Canterbury, could raise a generous tuppence with the help of his one-eyed trouser snake"
by Sekkai December 13, 2003
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A snake that likes to live in the trousers of men. They are very unusual creatures which like to be caressed, licked and played with, and they spit on you through their one eye when they are happy. The fluid ejaculated is a sticky white substance that can be quite salty. They vary in size and colour and can sometimes be quite hairy. Beware of these seemingly innocent creatures though as they may contain diseases which can cause anything from rashes to death.
Sam has a 12 inch one-eyed-trouser-snake in his pants!! It spat on me last night when I was over.
by Mattie-Louise April 08, 2009
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