*one hit knockout punch
*bomb weed that effs you up after one hit
*1. a chick you have no intention of seeing after boinking them for the first time. 2. Someone you dont take home to mom. 3.One night stand
-Amanda over there, im gonna one hitter quitter that hoe!

- Bitch, you aint nothin but a one hitter quitter.
by ghettoprincess562 July 06, 2015
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A way to describe some bomb ass chronic
Lets go blaze sum of dat one hitter quitter shit.
by head November 29, 2003
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1.) The action of knocking someone unconscious with one blow of the fist, usually in the face, where the person does not regain consciousness for an extended period of time.

2.) Referring to marijuana. A person, relatively new to marijuana, who inhales one hit usally under the pressure of peers, and pretends to act high because the lack the knowledge of what high feels like.
1.) Did you see the one hitter quitter that disfigured Brian's model face?

2.) My friend used to be a one hitter quitter, quite often making the claim that he got high because he weighed less.
by Adam Shatter October 04, 2005
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An extremely effective punch directly to the nose of a punk bitch that essentially ends a fight after one punch. To perform correctly, every ounce of strength must be summoned from inside of you culminating in a lethal blow. If the asshole who receives the blow ever comes back to bother you again then you didn't do it properly.
After that gel-haired asshole with the muscle shirt bumped in to me in the club for the second time I gave him the one-hitter quitter.
by C. Griffin October 23, 2007
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Sometimes referring to a one punch knock out and also referring to marijuana that after only one toke your all done somking because your so blown out
Shay hit Chris with that one hitter quitter after he snitched /

Shay grew the best weed I ever smoked, definitely some one hitter quitter
by Shay Muny April 12, 2008
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