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In addition to being a term for good marijuana, or getting knocked with a single punch, its also a phrase for anything that has a sudden impact. For instance, a disastrous tornado or hurricane would be described as a one hitter quitter. Or an athlete or athletic team particularly in football. Such as Barry Sanders or Reggie Bush who can go the distance for a touchdown at any given moment is known as a One Hitter Quitter. A team with a high powered offense attack,like the Oregon Ducks would be known as a One Hitter Quitter
" The game is close right now, but USC better stayed on their game, Oregon got that one hitter quitter"

"Man I think we need to evacuate, I hear that hurricane thats coming got that One Hitter Quitter"
by dingslinger August 16, 2011
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or "Cue" Slang term for a white girl with a nice ass, or slang for a sexy white girl in general. Term originates from the all white cue ball used in playing pool.
1." Aye man, check out the cue ball on Becky"
2." Check out that group of sexy cue balls over there"
by dingslinger July 16, 2011
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A phrase for having hardcore sex with a girl. A popular saying down south.
" Man shawty all over me, but I dont know if I should hit that or not"
Friend: " Man, you better take her down thru there"

Example 2
" Man if she keep on flirting with me, she gone make me take her down thru there"
by dingslinger August 16, 2011
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