The best college football team in the pac-10 and one of the elite in Division 1... beating pathetic teams like Oregon State, Washington and USC. Causing teams to be green with envy and wish they had uniforms like the ducks and new stadiums... I LOVE MY DUCKS!!!!!
Person 1: Hey have you heard of the Oregon Ducks?

Person 2: Heck yea I have they are amazing and have the best uniforms in college football, oh and they cast a crazy big shadow over little oregon state..

Person 3: Who's oregon state? is that peewee football??
by ILOVEMYDUCKS:) March 17, 2010
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The worst team in the Pac-10. The saddest team in NCAA divison 1 history. Can't win a game for their life and are only admired by tall people that are gay.
Person 1) "Dude I heard the Oregon Ducks actually won a game yesterday."

Person 2) "No I think you mean the Oregon State Beavers won, the Ducks couldn't win a game even if they were playing midgets."

Person 3) "Oh you're right."
by Georgetownians March 17, 2008
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