A lifestyle of being your own man/woman; Independent of all other beings; A state of being non-reliant on others for satisfaction in life.
by DHizzie December 25, 2006
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Live life independant and free of all the fraudulence and fake in your life. Un-influenced by others negativity and hate.
Fuck ALL these niggas and Fuck ALL these hoes, one deep in my life I dont trust a fuckin soul.
by Pimp D 53 June 1, 2007
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only one gangsta; don't need nobody else
Dats why you see i'm one deep in my SLAB bitch
by bL00d4Lif3 May 13, 2009
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When you ejaculate inside of a woman during unprotected sex.
“Damn dog, I’m gonna leave one deep in my girlfriend tonight.”
by Emilio Babot October 1, 2019
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To ejaculate unprotectedly into a woman/ man.
Hey you chickenshit bitch, why don’t you Drop One Deep like a real Italian?”
by Emilio Babot October 10, 2019
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a slang term that is usually referred to be a oral sexual action
Foo, go suck 40 deep ones!
by DCX Returns March 13, 2005
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One ball deep, a moment in hardcore intercourse where your scrotum/ballsack/magicfloaty bits become hard like a rhinos skin an the smaller testicle slides in the gash of glory...
Julian: come on guys am nearly one ball deep.
Noel : I only answer to swampy .
by Justth3truth September 8, 2017
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