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On the way home from work i'm going to pick up a slab of XXXX and get pissed tonight,
Gundie has a slab of XXXX in the car,go and get it.
by GS71 April 06, 2015
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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slab stands for Slow Low And Bangin'. mainly used in the south for any car that is fully customized (ie. sound system, paint job, rims, engine, ect).
"i'm a slab rider and nuttin less"
by x September 03, 2003
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Slow Loud and Bagin (i.e. S.L.A.B.) A southern term describing the cars of the urban seen. Candy paint, chrome rims, bagin systems.
Artist: Z-RO
Album: "Let The Truth Be Told"
Song: Mo City Don (Freestytle)
Lable: Rap-A-Lot Records

S.L.A.B. - Slow, loud, and bangin all in my trunk, trunk full of funk...

by ZyclonB December 14, 2005
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The friend in the group who is just kind of like a slab of meat. Usually has a few extra chunkzthan everyone else. The friend that the lion would eat first if you were lost in the wild. Being a slab, sometimes the person’s slabiness can just get in the way of others. Their slab goes to their head, so they think they have unjustified power. When someone uses their slabiness against you or to outdo you, you have just been slabbed.
Man how could my boy Slab do that to me, I totally just got slabbed. His slabby ass always gets in the way.
by Poundcake November 05, 2019
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Slab stands for slow loud and bangin, mainly heard in the dirty south; born in texas
Yo you cop that new S.L.A.B. cd with Z-Ro on it?
by Leon Williams June 06, 2005
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(n) Slabs roll in packs and they roll deep. A Slab is a big body (largely shape boxed body). As long as its big; its in. Down in texas we take pride in our rides like every player should.
In New York they call em whips; Down south we call em' SLABS!!
by DirtySouthRyder April 04, 2006
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