A way to describe the amount of money in your wallet at a given time, usually used by cocky gamblers who have nothing in a bank account, but will sometimes have large amounts of cash in there wallet due to a rare win.
John: "How did you get on down the bookies?"

phil: "Great man, I left with 5000 on the hip"
by Unlogical Logic December 19, 2011
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A British exclamation that indicates some form of agreement
“The opium wars sure are frightful affairs, ey boy?”
Hip hip
by An English chap July 23, 2020
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when a woman does not ever trim her pubic hair, and it proceedes to extend from "hip to hip" a.k.a. wall to wall
I was gonna bang this chick last night, but she had a hip to hip. So I told her to put her pants back on and go.
by Jason Asher June 24, 2005
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The state of knowing what something means before you're even given this information.
Man 1: Aye did you know Becky slept with the English teacher.

Man 2: I'm already hipped.
by Mackdaddy21 March 15, 2017
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Hip means either cool or "same" like they can relate. It depends on the way you use it but hip can mean either same, I feel you, or cool.
Me~ Im so tired right now oml.I literally don't wanna talk to anyone.
Vanessa~ Hip .
by ItsYaGirlSkinnyPenis February 22, 2018
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another way of sayingi know
diego: i swear loren is annoying
justin: i’m hip. she’s clingy !
by dm(v) slang February 19, 2019
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A person who knows or wants to know something.
I am hip to this new song

Are you hip to that new song?
by BasicMadera03 October 09, 2018
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