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(adj.) A term which describes an amorous individual or a horny (slang) person. Of a person whose actions are dictated by an amorous disposition; the term can describe either the (1) individual or the (2) action.

Of an action occuring (or of the person performing the action) of which the ultimate goal is to get laid.
1. Dude, did you see Bainz gettin' all over Polls? He is completely on the Rand.

2. Swain's attempt to get Suzy in the car was totally on the Rand.
by P'tainz September 17, 2013
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phrase used when someone does something completely out of the blue (randomly)
Guy 1: "this dude just came up to me and smacked me in the face!"

Guy 2: "what? on the rands?"

Guy 1: "yeah wtf is up with that?!"
by Narmage January 26, 2012
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