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Stands for Conversation Cut-off(CON in conversation, CUT in cut-off). When girls tend to cut off the conversation by giving a response that is very crappy (the response is a concut). Once they say it, they leave you speechless, making the conversation cut off. They may do this because they may A) not want to talk, B) wanna sound cool, C) have this bad habit that guys think of them badly when they say it, or D) are too occupied to talk. Guys think concuts are pretty annoying but girls don't know that. Now, guys can use this word to make a girl stop using concuts.
Below all the words the girl says are all Examples of concuts.
Guy: Yeah, and my mom was being so funny like a bunny.
Girl: Okay...?
Guy: But i have a lot of homework too.
Girl: mhm.
Guy: Hey lets watch that new movie with some friends!
Girl: lol. <---doesnt respond after that
Guy: Are you mad at me?
Girl: uh. <---still doesnt respond after that
Guy: so like yeah?
Girl: -_-
Girl (new convo): Hey
Guy: Sorry i was skating.
Girl: no. <--doesn't even make sense.
by pandaboyx August 23, 2009
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