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A person who is wise, strong, dashing in a scruffy way, and usually uses one or two-word answers.

May even have long, flowing hair, and live in a forest while perpetually being stuck in some airport.
That man is has captured my heart with his home, situated near greenery, and his calm, yet knowing demeanor. He's probably a Rand.
by QBN November 08, 2007

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A bastard, but one whom you cannot help liking.
That man is a right bastard, but there's something irresistible about him. Must be his forthcoming nature. He is definitely a skt.
by QBN January 08, 2008

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Someone who is mad (as in "hella", "a lot", "extremely", and "wicked") + Irish.

This person may like to wear nothing but an apron while cooking (which they enjoy), and is out of touch with popular culture. Generally pleasant and open-minded.
I was talking a guy (with Irish ancestry) about TV the other day and he knew nothing about it. He did want to discuss food though, so he is most likely madirish.
by QBN November 08, 2007

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