A snotty little minge cafe ran by dirty bastards who give you square burgers. Nothing but a depressing experience apart from the fact it is brimming with sorts. On a plate sorts are the top of the production line sort.
“Do you wanna go to on a plate?”
Fuck off you cunt never speak to me again “
by On a plate ambassador September 3, 2021
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Something awesome, or something desired. Originally coined when someone barged into a party uninvited, exclaiming "Where the plate?!"
Yo son, where the plate?

Person 1: I'm coming tonight.
Person 2: Don't forget the plate!

I got the plate!
by WZM October 27, 2010
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A term used to describe a man/woman, who is used for the purpose of sex.
Jim: Bob that isn't your girlfriend?
Bob: No, this is my plate, i got her to convert last week.
by Hanable August 11, 2018
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Buyer: aye you got that?
Dealer: what you need?
Buyer: lemme get a plate
by Jakez October 1, 2012
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Term used in the gym to indicate a 45-pound weight, used on an olympic barbell. Additionally, the term plate can be used to indicate another weight, when preceded by the number.
Ex1: Im benching 315 now! That's three plates on each side! ( 6x45 + 45 lb. bar )

Ex2: I bought a couple of 25 lb. plates for my home gym.

by TravisM April 1, 2006
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Short for license plates
Don't drive my car, I don't have any plates on it yet.
by Jojwjwjejej December 29, 2014
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An act of oral sex i.e. Fellatio/cunnylingus.
Oi slut, give me a plate!
by Bowlesy June 6, 2006
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