A sexual act wherein one partner lies face up on the floor with a plate of glass over their face, and the other shits on the glass.
by Nasty Sanchez October 11, 2003
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Step 1 for plating option

Take a paper plate and cut two eyeholes in it. Apply a screen to the holes. Use a coarse screen if you want particles to drip through, use a fine screen for liquid.

Step 2

Wrap your head in saran wrap with your nose and eyes exposed. You will need to see and breath to appreciate the effects. A mouth hole is optional. Now put on a pair of goggles.

Step 3

Find someone that has eaten alot of corn and swallowed a few grapes whole and is ready to let loose.

Step 4

Hold the paper plate on each side and watch for anal expansion. The googles will keep your eyes from burning and the saran wrap will give you a feeling of warmth with the wetness.

If you are using the mouth hole option, you may be able to snag grape and earn bonus points
by Dr. LF June 18, 2009
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the act of a sexual partner placing a clear glass kitchen plate over their partner's face and defecating on the plate.
I was plating my girlfriend the other night and she enjoyed the shape of my asshole.
by Dan Gammon August 26, 2008
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when you place a plate on your partners chest and take a huge dump on it.
jake.....how come evrytime i tell a guy they can stick it anywhere they want,they always stick it in my ass?

ew...thats way too much information

no,way too much information is telling you that after we have sex....i always take a huge dump......on their chest!
~not another teen movie~
by jason patricio August 21, 2005
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A verb form used casually to describe the scoring of a runner in baseball.
"Why does Javier Vazquez have such a pedestrian ERA despite having a solid WHIP ratio and walk/strikeout rates?

--I guess that teams have been good at plating their baserunners against him."
by Ren H0ek June 4, 2006
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Something awesome, or something desired. Originally coined when someone barged into a party uninvited, exclaiming "Where the plate?!"
Yo son, where the plate?

Person 1: I'm coming tonight.
Person 2: Don't forget the plate!

I got the plate!
by WZM October 27, 2010
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A term used to describe a man/woman, who is used for the purpose of sex.
Jim: Bob that isn't your girlfriend?
Bob: No, this is my plate, i got her to convert last week.
by Hanable August 11, 2018
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