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The daily dose of sunshine

O- Obvious

M- Miracle

A- Affecting

L- Life

Truly a walking miracle. Once met, can never forget!
You are amazing and you’ll always be loved . “Omal~ the daily dose of sunshine
by ~Can’t be tamed~ February 13, 2018
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Same as rofl and lmao

On my arse laughing
Yo' mama is so fat when she has sex, she has to give directions!

Omal !!!
by Deathlok April 17, 2006
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o= on
m= my
a= ass
l= laughing
yo momma is so stupid, that when she was drivin she saw "Airpot Left<-"
she turned around cuz she though the airport left!!! omal!!!!
by I AM JESUS!!!!! January 19, 2009
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