A person who is shy around people but when they're around their friend they are crazy ! They are beautiful inside and out and care about family and friends . They love meeting new people . They give advice a lot . They are mysterious people which makes them more intresting. They are really good friend to make and they are worth keeping in your life.
Anomyous: Miracle is such a nice person!

Anomyous: I love Miracle

Anomyous: Miracle is so funny
by unicornsarethebest April 02, 2013
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A very shy girl. She smiles always, she's friendly, doesn't like disturbing people with her issues, takes care of her friends, she could make you fall in love with her just the moment you set your eyes on her.. She's beautiful, she never stops putting smiles on people's face, if you start ignoring her, she ignores you too. Every guy needs a Miracle in their lives. She's capable of giving you a boner just by being close to you. I miss her and still love her.
Dating miracle is the only miracle that had happened to me.
by HarmFree February 08, 2020
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1. an extremely sexy girl who every guy wants to fuck.

2. a girl who likes to party hard, she'll dance with you all night.

3. a girl you makes you hard than a cinderblock.

4. a girl who's quiet but loud with her friends, usually has brown eyes, is sexy and every guy wants her and she make you hard. she also is a party girl.

5. a girl who makes you jack off or have a boner.
"Hey Justin, did you see her?"

"Yea Sean, she was hott."

"Yea dude she's a Miracle."
by lalalaloveyoubabe October 29, 2013
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The most Magical, Intelligent, Reliable, Adorable, Caring, Lovely and Ebullient person ever. She is really hot and any guy would be damn lucky to have her.
Damn that Miracle girl is soooo hot.
by GabrielJames January 30, 2020
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A term used by ICP (Insane Clown Posse) to explain everything that already has a scientific explanation. This includes but is not limited to - fuckin rainbows, pelicans, music, butterflies, and shooting stars.
The fat one: Hey, faggy, how do magnets work?
Faggy2dope: Well, a scientist tried to explain it to me, but he's gotta be lying, I bet it's magic.
The fat one: This shit's a goddamn miracle.
by Witty Name April 13, 2010
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> sweet girl
>loyal af, when it comes to boyfriend.
> Always very confused

Literally gets so mad when you tell her "boyfriend" isn't good enough for her.
> TBH// Get urself a miracle and ur good
Miracle: Adventure Time!
*well that was awkward*
by hoho_hoho November 25, 2017
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