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when a worker in a menial, white collar job simply skips a day (or several) without explanation to his boss or coworkers. Taken from the movie "Office Space", in which the main character does just that.

Also "pulling an Office Space", "taking an Office Space" "I Office Spaced todauy" etc.
Chris: Hey broseph, where were you at work yesterday?

Kevin: Eh, I was Office Spacing.

by cosmo November 03, 2006
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To take any malfunctioning equipment or object to a desolate location with a small group of coworkers or friends and proceed to destroy it using any means.
Bill and I are gonna take his T.V. out Office Spacing, you want to come?
by Plum Diddy May 16, 2013
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When you don't show up for work, but do not call in sick or take a vacation day.

The goal is for no one to notice or question you, thus resulting in a free day off.

WARNING: May result in termination from job if caught.
- Hey man shouldn't you be at work right now?

- No I didn't feel like going, but I don't have any vacation time, so I'm just office spacing
by DMacklin June 15, 2009
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