A tragically awesome name cursing it's owner to die rich{ie: wealthy, prosperous, etc.}

It can be used as an adjective describing a tragic person who gains some sort of richness such as money, happiness, etc. which changes his life for the better. This is usually topped off with the realization that he will just die in the end. {But he died rich, right?}

Often mistaken or spelled as 'Dietrich' in order to sound cool, but only results in a name which is synonymous with 'Look at me, I throw up after meals.'

*Also a noble German name
Jason became a proper Diedrich after he married his dream girl.

Jason Diedrich died rich.

by CookieBaker March 18, 2009
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my very hot really sexy crush who is really weird but really funny and has very hairy legs.. but them armpits are even worse
Jacob Diedrich is mine and i wish a bitch aka mak would try to touch him thats when i start whooping some peoples assess.
by shawnte's dictionary January 30, 2020
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