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Possibly the greatest movie ever. Follows the story of a guy who hates his job and gets hypnotized into not giving a shit.
I just watched Office Space last night. I love that fucking movie.
by jizzcock June 18, 2003
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An incredible PS2 game where you control Dante Sparda, a half-human and half-demon devil hunter. He carries around a huge sword and twin pistols called Ebony and Ivory. The game is unbelievable beause of it's sweet combination of run n' gun and hack n' slash combat. Plus Dante utters some classic one liners.
Arius - I was supposed to be king!
Dante- Oh yeah? Here's your crown
*fires a bullet into Arius' skull*

-From Devil May Cry 2
by jizzcock April 02, 2004
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Another term for the clitoris.
I got Mary off by rubbing her clam hat.
by jizzcock May 09, 2003
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A duo from New York who achieved infamy by making several cd's that had recordings of many hilarious prank phone calls to unsuspecting victims.
Man, the Jerky Boys' prank calls are fucking hysterical!
by jizzcock June 23, 2003
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the mysterious organ located between a man's legs that sprays goo all over unsuspecting females.
i shot your mom in the eye with a powerful blast of my custard cannon
by jizzcock June 16, 2003
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A wiener that can plaster women against walls a la Scary Movie.
I will put your eye out with one blast of my bodacious beef bazooka.
by Jizzcock January 15, 2004
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A new transmission offered on lots of higher end sports cars like the Aston Martin Vanquish, all the new Ferraris, Maseratis, And some of the new Audis might get it. Literally means "race change" in Italian. Basically it's like an F-1 transmission where you upshift and downshift with paddles located behind the steering wheel but without the use of a clutch, allowing for faster acceleration with the control of a manual transmission. It's one of the coolest new innovations in the world of cars.
I fucking tore up the streets in that Maserati cambiocorsa bitch.
by Jizzcock January 18, 2004
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