An extremely think goo that is found in unknown cracks and crevices.
Odo is inside my cracks and crevices.
by Odomus August 6, 2010
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Odo is a character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and a changeling or shape-shifter. There is a whole wikipedia entrance on him ("he" is Odo's pronoun, even though he belongs to the Founder species who have no sex)
by Nikanj_Ooloi November 20, 2019
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Any substance that has a gooey, thick, or slimy consistency. Much like Nickelodeon's Gak.
1. He reached into the lake and pulled out a big ball of odo.

2. The paint can was not stirred well, so a big pile of odo ended up at the bottom.
by ChronoTraveler March 13, 2005
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it’s stands for “One Day One Spoon

It means that we have to feed fishes with one spoon of our lunches every single day
“Hey don’t forget to do ODOS today”
by Don’t sue me November 25, 2020
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A reference to a Star Trek character whose face was puffy and had no features. Used to describe someone who has had a lot of plastic surgery and face looks alien.
Caitlyn Jenner has had so much work she has permanent Odo face
by Wordiculous August 19, 2022
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a female who is in a relationship with an ugly male for the sole purpose of showing her dominance to someone she would rather sleep with but is afraid of
Once Jill hit puberty and shed her nerd cocoon she really became an Odo Chaser.
by TinoFett June 9, 2006
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Think annoyingly OCD plus anal retentive, on steroids!

This is that customer who complains about the slightest, minute cosmetic detail on a large piece of industrial equipment. Not talking about a scratch/scuff on a Ferrari, this is a slightly skewed label (slight enough that there is an internal discussion if it is even skewed) on a 15’ long, 8’ tall, several thousand pound piece of equipment, which gets installed in the corner, along the edge, or in a back room.

When you think ODO, use the chant from the Wizard of Oz when the guards are marching in:
O D O, Oh, Oh! O D O, Oh, Oh!
Yes sir, the equipment was installed without issue. Yes, it performs perfectly. No, there are no real issues with it, the customer is just ODO: Overly Detail Oriented.
by JV Hilliard August 31, 2018
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