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18 definitions by Wordiculous

Someone who is on Tinder just to play games or has so many matches they get them confused.
So this girl I met on Tinder texted me and called me by another dude's name. When I told her my real name, she still couldn't remember me. She is a total tinderflake.
by Wordiculous April 12, 2015
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The broken English a scammer often uses. It can be found in the emails of spammers and dating profiles of romance scams.

Spamglish often has uncapitalized words and extra spaces around punctuation.
I could tell the profile was fake because they spamglish was so bad. It started out "i am serious and god loving looking to start family with ."
by Wordiculous May 25, 2022
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Someone who is mentally imbalanced and has a hard time maintaining healthy relationships with other human beings. They spend most of their time and attention with a dog tthat weighs less than 20lbs.

Many women will defend their female friends with small dogs but this is the easiest test.

Ask them to think of their favorite male friend or relative. Then ask them to think of a woman with a small dog they would encourage that favorite male to date. No good person will hook a real friend up with a small dog lady.
I could tell she was small dog crazy when she was pushing it in a stroller. I didn't even have to see the matching outfits or professional photos of just her dog.
by Wordiculous June 30, 2022
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An app such as Kik, Whatsapp or Snapchat that allows people to anonymously chat. They are often used by people cheating or playing games online.
He didn't give me his number, he wanted to talk through a cheater app. He is probably cheating on his woman.
by Wordiculous October 19, 2015
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A domabee is a BDSM wannabee. They pretend to know about bdsm and act like what they imagine a dominant is. Often their behavior is learned from the internet or 50 shades of grey type books.
I joined Fetlife to meet a dominant man but so far they are all domabee.
by Wordiculous March 18, 2021
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The 0.5 selfie (pronounced "point five selfie") is the Gen Z version of the Myspace pose. It was made popular by social media influencers and other jobless young people that need attention from strangers. Gen Z persons have limited education and work ethic so the steps of a 0.5 selfie are extremely simple.

Step 1: Set your cell phone camera to the widest angle allowed.
Step 2: Stand in a strange position, the more awkward looking. If you can show all four limbs at once that is even better better.
Step 3: Hold camera above head and as far away from the body as possible.
Step 4: Make a face that portrays boredom. Pretend that you are not an "attention whore" and hate having your picture taken
Step 5: Take a picture and repeat at least 15 times while other people with real lives try to maneuver around you.
Step 6: Post to social media while pretending you are important enough that people will care.

If done correctly your head will look very small while your arms and legs will look incredibly large and strangely disproportionate. A good point five selfie will not represent what you truly look like.

For maximum effect these pictures are taken in settings that no one cares what you are doing. Good locations to take them would at a grocery store or riding in an elevator.
I know all my followers really want to see me eating chex mix while standing in a stair well so I should take a point five selfie.
by Wordiculous July 18, 2022
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A word used by kinky people to show they acknowledge and respect the kinks of others. It is often used to mean that they play respectfully and are looking for more than a hookup.
Pervaste, the kinky person in me sees and honors the kinky in you
by Wordiculous June 22, 2020
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