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A term to describe Barack Hussein Obama's vernacular English. Similar to Ebonics with the exception that this speech type is performed by a Mulatto instead of an African American. It is also used by those who support B. Hussein Obama's Communist Regime. Believed to be derived from Jive Talking, Ogga Booga, and other Ghetto-centric speech patterns.
When Barack Hussein Obama says "No new taxes" (his infamous 'Read My Purple Lips' speech) he was speaking in Obonics which, when translated into English, means "New taxes". When B. Hussein said he was "never a Muslim" he was also speaking Obonics and what he really meant to say was that "he was a Muslim" but didn't want you to know about it or talk about it until it would be too late (later on, as 'pResident', he would 'proudly' admit to his Muslim background when he was kowtowing to Muslim despots and tyrants). When Barack Hussein Obama said his name was "African Swahili" he was speaking Obonics but what he really meant was, "My name is Arabic because my father and his ancestors were (and are) all Muslims".
by ClassyWatusi July 05, 2009
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