- noun

1. Refer to definition of "Hampshire College"
- adjective
1. referring to something extremely eccentric, especially in a extremely liberal, or hippy way.
"That's so hampshire"
2. Referring to something very introspective.
1. "I decided to wear my rainbow tights with my leather sandals from Nepal."
"OMG, that's like soo hampshire."

2. Writing a paper on the deep personal meaning of an experience
by CA>world December 15, 2010
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A beefy teenager usually male hobbies include eating beef burgers and stealing alcohol
by loggy log log June 26, 2009
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Hampshires are one of the best pig breeds. They are headstrong and require work.
That hampshire won the show
by Horse_pig_me April 11, 2017
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a hick town in the middle of nowhere. people who live here frequently have raves in their barns and then pop a tent in their backseats when too drunk to drive. the whole drinkin in a small town thing is usually a fun time except that every other person is your cousin to some degree... whoa incest. brian james gross will eventually grow up to be the mayor and live in splendor in a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath ranch on his own acre of land, cable television and air conditioning not included but maybe he can build his own pool.
why would we ever want to go to hampshire?
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An experimental liberal arts college near Amherst, MA. Beloved and/or derided for having no grades, unorthodox classes, and a student body of hippies,eccentrics, and the occasional knife fetishist.
Being interested in hackysack, organic farming, and dreads, Josh was a perfect fit for Hampshire College.
by JaffatheHutt March 30, 2009
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Hook is a small town, near basingstoke. It is full of smart, good looking, intelligent youths who love to have a good time!

It has a londis, premier and tesco too, With many takeaways, causing the population of Hook to be obese.
The place where heads hang out is usually either premier car park, hook station or base/skatepark.

The hook parish council set up 'The Base' to get youths off the streets... This did not work, no body goes there.

The amount of moped's has increased over the past couple of years, therefore causing the police to get mass amounts of complaints from the local residents.

A few olders, that drive usually congregate at the top car park at the base playing their music at an unsocial level, therefore causing more complaints from the residents.
-One car you've got to look out for, is a blue corsa with a loud exhaust and a monkey-looking boy driving it.

In hook there are the HYG and the Hook Massive. The HYG drive whereas the Hook Massive prefer to walk and fuck shit up.

Bun bench is where you'd find most of the stoners of hook, if youre ever in need of weed, ring the number written on the lampost next to the dog shit bin, fat draws.
NOTE: If you're ever on drugs, avoid the trippy ass hook 'lady' walker.

Hook has a range of antisocial activities:
Terrorising Yugi,
Throwing dead pigeons across the road,
Trolley racing in tesco car park,
Making large fires in bluebell woods,
'Anyone fancy joining me in venturing to hook hampshire?'

by hookmassive January 21, 2012
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A place where people from mass come to get lost in our mountains which have very clearly marked trails and then have the state of New Hampshire pay to rescue them.
Where have you been?

I got lost in those fackin New Hampshire mountains, i am such a moron.
by TheRadish1 March 30, 2009
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