To talk about something that is of no importance to a conversation and have has no relevance to the situation.
Sam: Oh my God you see that girl shes fine!
Jordan: Yeah she would get it
Mihir: You done the math homework boys?
Jordan: Mihir stop please?
Mihir: Stop what?
Jordan: Jive talking.
by JK The Destroyer April 27, 2011
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An awesome funk-rock band out of Vancouver, B.C., who know how to get funky and make all the mothalickas dance. Featuring Jared "The Jive General", Nick "The Grand Lanyon", Eric "Bonafide" Busto and Tak "The Groove Machine" Komiya. Breaking onto the scene with their EP "Welcome to Jiveland", they play local bars, lounges, and other venues.
Man: Hot damn, that was one rowdy show!

Woman: They're the bee's knees, ain't no honky who won't be gettin down for Jive Talk.
by Honkysammich January 25, 2011
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