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An overly enthusiastic vigor in favor of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Usually displayed during one of his syrupy speeches that wax poetic about the wonderful things his presidency will bring. Most commonly found among those persons who will readily buy into anything someone says based more on the presentation than substance.
"I guess that Oboner you had died down a little when you saw the New Hampshire results, huh?"
by SomeGuy343 January 08, 2008
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An embarrassing error in judgement by anyone in the Obama Administration
David Axelrod sent an email meant to β€œdebunk” myths, rumors, etc. about Obamacare to the White House email list and asked that it be forwarded to friends and acquantances. Well, it turns out that there is a groundswell of spam complaints building from people who received what they are sure is spam – email they never signed up to receive. Now the Obama Administration finds itself tied up controlling the damage done by it’s oboner.
by oddclicker August 29, 2009
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