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1.One who gives a speech with no meaning.
2.The ability to generate heat with no light.
Left wing voter: Wow! That was some speech; I almost wet my pants half way through it.
Right wing voter: What speech? That was the worst case of Obamism I've heard this year. All I heard was 40 minutes of buzzing in my ears.
Left wing voter: F*** you!
Right wing voter: F*** you back!
by H3adcas3 May 26, 2008
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The practice of stating that anyone who doesn't agree with you has some secret sinister motivation, such as being a Nazi, a racist, or a terrorist.
Joe publicly advocated lower taxes, so he was the victim of Obamism.
by mistermystery October 13, 2009
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The religion of Obama (one who worships is called an Obamist).
Non-Obamist: β€œHey man, want to go biking with me?”

Obamist: Nah, sorry fam, I’m an Obamism; my mom signed me up for Obamism camp.”

Non-Obamist: β€œIt’s fine, totally get it bruh, have fun.”
by obamaworshipper18 December 12, 2019
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