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1. The art of repeating the same tired lines as everyone else, except with such an articulate and skillful flair, that those listening to you, truly believe you are here to save the world from Darth Vader and the Legion of Doom.

<Chewy>My job is not to represent Washington to you, but to represent you to Washington.

<Joe>Didn't Kennedy say that like 30 years ago?
<Timmay>No, this is completely new. It's change. Faith! Hope! One Universe! wOOt!
<Joe>It's the same thing man. He's using teh obamics. Do not fall to teh Jedi Mind trix. Must resist.
by bootdaemon January 28, 2008
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A failure stage that rates a descriptive word that is
greater than the use of the word "epic". A word
that should evoke thoughts of the Titanic disaster.
"The President's health care plan is so colossally
bad, it is not an epic failure, it is a stage above
that. It is an Obamic failure."
by the operator December 09, 2013
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the modern day language employed by black political candidates designed to inspire members of all races. usually delivered in a stylish manner through the combination of large, educated words and repetitive phrases during speeches, rallies, and debates.
during his acceptance speech, Senator Barrack Obama creatively used obamics while repeating the phrase "yes we can".
by djstreets November 23, 2008
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