The information used by people claiming to know a lot about politics, but in actuality, they just knows about the policies of Barack Obama that were made public knowledge via television commercials during the election.
Man 1: "I'm really glad that President Obama is passing that economic stimulus package, it'll really help people out."

Man 2: "I agree, I just hope that nothing on the scale of Watergate or Monica Lewinski hits this administration."

Man 1: "What's Watergate? Who's Monica Lewinski?"

Man 2: "I see you're well-versed in Obamatics."
by Picklesnshakes March 6, 2009
1. The lack of common sense in anything political.

2. The beginning of anything George Orwell- or Ayn Rand-predicted.

3. The ending of the American Republic.
P1- The governor passed a bill today to make everyone pay for something no one needs.

P2- Looks like he's been studying up on his Obamatics.
by SavvyHill August 31, 2010
To be terrorized still by the affects of ex-president Obama.
(Psychologist) Why are you crying? Obama is out of office. Its finally over.
(Girl) I know but it was a rough 8 years. Im obamatized still.
by jayn3al March 22, 2017
Due to the new-found popularity of Barack Obama, some companies use the President's image or popular phrase "Yes, We Can" to promote products in their ads.
Bob: They were Obamatizing every ad in the store!
Joe: I bought a whole crate of lotion because the ad said that's how Obama keeps his skin so light and fluffy!
by Wiggly Hipponomous April 30, 2009
Of the nature of Obama, pugnacious, belligerent, truculent when things don’t go his way, arrogant, egotistical, supercilious and extremely scornful of others in the most unpleasant manners, and ignorant, complacent and clueless in regards to finance and in running an organization.
When a person or a coworker (maybe even your boss) is trying to tell you what to do and how to do it in the most arrogant manner where he/she has no clue about the subject of the matter, yet he/she acts as if they have the best knowledge about the subject; or simply when someone is being arrogant and obnoxious, that person is being obamatic.
by LGman February 6, 2013
To put excessive attention and emphasis on something without offering a specific validation for it;
expressing approving or positive opinions, assurances, or denying anything negative, about the target topic with a propagandist flair, without quantifiable or other viable value, stressing positive rhetorical commentary beyond anything else. Inspired by the tendencies of the presidential campaign of 44th U.S. prez, Barack Obama, putting lots and lots of money and thus lots of message control over information being popularly taken in by average citizens. Saturating marketing channels with a message in order to obtain familiarity, whether the message holds any weight or value beyond simplistic cheerleading
That software's reputation is very low, but the way the developers obamatized it, you'd think it were a miracle of modern technology.
by roosterhome November 5, 2008
Totally corrupted by demonic force that President Obama was directly responsible, or his administration. To tear down good values, demoralize, or change against natural boundaries.
The NFL has been Obamatized and is not worth watching.
by Evangelist Dr Art September 25, 2017