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To be terrorized still by the affects of ex-president Obama.
(Psychologist) Why are you crying? Obama is out of office. Its finally over.
(Girl) I know but it was a rough 8 years. Im obamatized still.
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by jayn3al March 22, 2017
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Totally corrupted by demonic force that President Obama was directly responsible, or his administration. To tear down good values, demoralize, or change against natural boundaries.
The NFL has been Obamatized and is not worth watching.
by Evangelist Dr Art September 25, 2017
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1. (verb) The act of being blown away by obama's speeches
2. (verb) The action when Obama pwns candidates (Cinton, or Mccain)
3. (verb) The act of converting to OFP (Obama For President)
4. (adj) The state of being a diplomatic beast
1.Holy shit Cliton got Obamatized in Texas
2."My pal robert was watching CNN and was just Obamatized"
3. My mom was gunna vote for McCain but lately she Obamatized
by Dan*Doan February 22, 2008
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